We can never go back to before.

What would you tell you if you were 10 years older ?

This is the place where you can put your dreams and hopes, where you can send a message to the future. You choose the message, you choose the time, you create a Time Capsule.


  • Audio file <2Mb
  • < 2 years in time
  • 1000 words message



  • Audio file <6Mb

  • <5 years in time
  • 5000 words message


Cherry on top

  • Recording file <15Mb
  • Recording video <20Mb
  • Unlimited in time

  • 10000 words message


For 2€, you have the security of always having your message delivered. 

With this option, we contact you every year until your message is delivered, just to have an update on the receiver’s informations. 

If you feel that the message receiver is going to change email address, or phone number soon, that’s the best option ;)

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So how does this work ?

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